Dustin Hoffman and François Girard to Film Movie at Fairfield University

Fairfield University's Quick Center stage awaiting the arrival of Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman and Oscar-winning director François Gerard

Fairfield University’s Quick Center stage awaiting the arrival of Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman and Oscar-winning director François Girard

Two-time Academy Award winning actor Dustin Hoffman visited Fairfield University Thursday night to speak about the filming of his latest movie Boychoir. He spoke to a sold-out Quick Center audience alongside Oscar-winning director François Gerard, who will be directing the film.

Boychoir, which will be filmed at Fairfield University’s Bellarmine Hall, will tell the story of a Texas boy who is admitted to the prestigious American Boychoir School of Princeton, N.J. In the film, Hoffman will portray real-life American Boychoir director, Francisco Malvar-Ruiz.

Hoffman spoke of the choir the film is based on, saying that to see the choir perform live is a “magnificent” experience. He went on to explain that, “God gave these boys those voices,” calling their talent a “miracle.”

Girard said he was excited to work with a talent like Hoffman.

“Consistency is the most difficult thing to achieve,” said Gerard. “I am blown away by Dustin’s consistency. He is the most consistent artist I’ve come to work with.”

As if to illustrate this point, Hoffman then spoke of his role in Rain Man, saying that he tried to reach the people he was portraying. Upon the completion of the film, it was shown to autism specialists to ensure that he gave an accurate portrayal of an autistic character. When they told him that his performance was flawless, he said that it was the greatest feeling to know that he reached his audience.

The event drew a crowd filled with long-time fans of Hoffman and his work. Julie Frassetto, faculty assistant at the Fairfield University Dolan School of Business, attended the event and said she was thrilled to have such a big star on campus.

“I thought it was great that he was offering up a talk to the community and Fairfield University students, to really talk about his filming and his acting” Frassetto said. “We are really excited to have him.”

Members of the audience recognized the immense talent of both Hoffman and Girard. Long-time Dustin Hoffman fan Patty Foley spoke of his incredible talent.

Hoffman (center) and Gerard (right) during their Arts and Minds discussion at Fairfield University's Quick Center

Hoffman (center) and Girard (right) during their Arts and Minds discussion at Fairfield University’s Quick Center

“He is very passionate,” said Foley. “And I really, really enjoyed listening to him.”

Frassetto added that both Hoffman and Girard’s were very genuine and passionate about their careers, saying “It’s not all about just a profession, it’s truly who they are.”

Hoffman and Girard are set to film the concert scenes at Bellarmine Hall for Boychoir on March 11, offering the audience a chance to be extras in the film. For information on participating in the film, please email boychoir2014@gmail.com.

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